Bienvenue sur la documentation du Sith de l’AE

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This is the source code of the UTBM’s student association available at

All documentation is in the docs directory and online at This documentation is written in French because it targets a French audience and it’s too much work to maintain two versions. The code and code comments are strictly written in English.

If you want to contribute, here’s how we recommend to read the docs:

  • First, it’s advised to read the about part of the project to understand the goals and the mindset of the current and previous maintainers and know what to expect to learn.

  • If in the first part you realize that you need more background about what we use, we provide some links to tutorials and documentation at the end of our documentation. Feel free to use it and complete it with what you found helpful.

  • Keep in mind that this documentation is thought to be read in order.

To join our team :

This project is licenced under GNU GPL, see the LICENSE file at the top of the repository for more details.

Documentations complémentaires

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